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Tourists spots in Shimla – You Must Explore!

Inhabited in the enthralling western region of the gigantic Himalayas, Shimla finds its place in the list of must-visit tourists’ spots of vacationers due to its unparalleled natural beauty. Shining snow-capped mountains extending all-around simply makes Shimla look like heaven. The cool and serene climate, peerless beauty of nature, the best of mountain experiences are few aspects that inspire people in India as well as abroad to plan their tour to Shimla. 

If you are also planning for a Shimla tour in coming days or in the holiday season, then this information is quite beneficial to you. Presenting the best tourists’ spots in Shimla, we intend to enhance your Shimla tour to many folds. So, let’s check out what to see when you are holidaying in Shimla to have the experience to cherish throughout your life. 

Jakhu Hills – An enchanting tourists’ spot in Shimla, Jakhu Hills is a dream-destination to adventure and nature lovers. It is the highest peak of Shimla and attracts almost every tourist in the city due to its natural charm. On the topmost end of this hill, there is a famous Hanuman Mandir that catches the attention of visitors who climbs up the hill. 

View of Jakhu Hills

Summer Hill & Prospect Hill – A truly entrancing destination to explore in Shimla, Summer Hill features the best of nature’s existence with a fascinating height of 6500 ft. It is a place related to Mahatma Gandhi. Just as Summer Hill, Prospect Hill is another wonderful destination to tour around when you are in Shimla. Here, people love to visit the ancient Kamna Devi Mandir. 

State Museum of Shimla – A famous tourists’ place in Shimla, State Museum attracts vacationers for its interesting museum. Featuring a wide and exclusive collection of rare objects that are related to cultural and art of the state, State Museum is a perfect source of learning and knowledge to people coming from various parts of India and abroad. 

State Museum of Shimla

In this museum, you get you to see the philatelic gallery, archaeological gallery, anthropological gallery and numismatic gallery. 

Vacationer’s Prime Hub – The Mall – Going Shimla and missing the Mall is hard to digest. Indeed, the popularity of the Mall or Mall road in Shimla makes tourists feel excited about teetering around this area. Shopping, good food, and witnessing the lively culture of the city is all you can do here at the Mall Road. Besides, Ridge and Scandal point and Gaiety theatre are also nearby this place. Thus for a good time, you must keep the Mall visit in your Shimla must visit tourists’ spots. 

Mall Road, Shimla

Ice Skating Rink of Shimla – The famous destination for ice skating fete in Shimla, this place enjoys the highest tourists’ influx at the time of ice skating carnival. If you feel a fascination seeing or trying ice skating, then this rink has to be there in your list of must-explore spots in Shimla. 

Ice Skating Rink of Shimla

Chadwick Waterfall – Spurting from the height of 67m, Chadwick Waterfall is a heavenly destination for tourists in Shimla. When you are travelling there with your beloved or family, you must spend quality time at Chadwick Waterfall. This place will leave you spellbound with its exquisite appeal. 

Chadwick Falls Shimla, Images, Location, Hotels Near Glen Waterfall
Chadwick Waterfall

Tara Devi Mandir – A renowned tourists’ hub, Tara Devi Mandir must not be missed when you are holidaying in Shimla. The whole route to this mesmerizing temple is roofed by pine forest and thus accessing this temple will give you a feel of moving amidst the forest. So, it is going to be an adventure-filled experience to Tara Devi Mandir.

Tara Devi Mandir


Shimla tour has so much to entertain if you crave to get closer to nature. The most striking presence of nature exists in Shimla and all suggested tourists’ spots are the best to make your Shimla tour full of thrill and excitement. 

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