Best Time to Visit the Little Kashmir: Munsiari in Uttrakhand


Nestled deep in the remote corner of Uttrakhand, Munsiyari will bewitch you with its alluring valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks, and sunset-sunrise on Panchchulli Peaks. The name Munsiyari translates as “Place with snow” due to which, it is also called “Little Kashmir”. It also serves as a base for trekking to Milam and Ralam Glaciers and Nanda Devi peak; and a centre for skiing and other winter sports.

Munsiyari is home to challenging trekking tracks, river rafting, and hiking trails. Mostly, these are summer activities. In winters, the place is ideal for skiing and other snow sports, for honeymoons, and for some quiet time alone or with family.

Best Time to Visit Munsiyari

Munsiyari weather is bewildering throughout the year. The Best Time to Visit Munsiyari depends on what you want from your holiday, and what season you want to experience. What type of adventure do you desire? What you want out of a holiday? In this article, we will see how the landscape and weather of Munsiyari change over the year and what is the best time to visit the valley.

Munsiyari in summer

In summer, the best time to visit Munsiyari is between March and May. The temperature lies in a pleasant range of 15-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius. You can witness clear weather, clear view and bustling streets. Also, you can see the alluring rhododendron (Buranch) flowers blooming across the valley. It is the state tree of Uttrakhand and has the surreal rosy red colour to adorn the valley.

Summer Activities

Summer is also a good time for trekking and witness beauty of Birthi Falls, the fabulous Bethulidhar, the magnificent Panchachuli Peak, and the heavenly Khaliya Top. Apart from trekking, you can also take part in the incredible white river rafting, or camp beneath the clear starry sky.

Clothes to carry

You can carry your regular clothes with some light woollens or your favourite jacket, and that will be it.

Munsiyari in winter

If you want to experience the little Kashmir, and the long stretches of white snow, the best time for you to visit Munsiyari is the winters. Winters are from November to February. The temperature may drop down to -12 degree Celsius and rise to 20 degree Celsius during this season.

Winter Festivals and Bazaar

The best month in this season is November when the winter is just setting in. Also, you can see the Jauljibi Bazaar where people from all over the world come to trade and participate.

December and January will see the mercury in negative and can be too harsh. But, the hotel rates are low, and you can still have quality indoor time if you are planning for a honeymoon. Or, if you want a quiet time in a comfy room, close to a fireplace, to complete your favourite book.

In winters you can also participate in the famous Makar Sakranti Festival (occurs somewhere around 14-15 January).

Winter Activities

If summer is trekking season, winter is skiing season. Induce yourself with that adrenaline rush and enjoy winter sports in the valley.

Winter also has something special for the bird watchers here. You can watch various species of migratory birds settle in for a while adorning the landscape. Make sure you carry your binoculars.

For a trip in the winters, pack your heavy woollens, windproof jacket, cap, gloves, some essential medicines, lip balm, cold cream, etc.

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