Look At These Places Before Planning A Trip To Shimla


Among many hill-stations, Shimla is the most visited and attractive place. You can enjoy your peaceful weekend gateway to this beautiful city. 

You will find lofty mountains covered with snow, a lovely climate, charming greenery, and spectacular lakes.

It is a magical hill station that will entice you with its appealing beauty. Once you land in this majestic place, you will want to stay there forever. Shimla is the Queen of Hill Stations that has many popular spots to visit.

This city is an excellent destination for vacationers. Before discovering the famous places in Shimla, look at some important things.

If planning a trip to Shimla, know the best time to enjoy

  • Shimla is such a place which can be visited any time. You can delight in pleasant summers in May.
  • From April onwards, Shimla offers the perfect environment to see the sights in the fresh air.
  • However, if you want to enjoy snowfalls, prefer visiting it in the winters.
  • Enjoy cloudy and greenery backdrop during rainy season.

Most visited locations in Shimla 

Mall Road: Famous Street

If you are planning a trip to Shimla, never miss to visit Mall Road. It is the most well-known street that is loved by everyone. If you are a shopaholic, you will like this place. You will find essential items like woolen outfits, handicrafts, and more at moderate rates. It is one of the top places that you must go to see.


Christ Church

Christ Church is the second oldest church situated in North India. It is a popular attraction in Shimla city. This church is a heaven for you to spend some time peacefully. You can visit it in the early hours of the morning. Also, you can go during the offering prayer.


Kufri: The Winter Sports Capital

Kufri is the winter sports capital situated at 2622 meters beyond sea level. You can visit this place in the winter if you want to enjoy ice skating and sports skiing. Kufri is one of the most favorite places for tourists as it offers scenic beauty. It is 15 kilometers from Shimla and is reachable in roughly 40 minutes with a cab.


Shimla Ridge- Scandal Point

The ridge is a flat open area that is admired by the visitors. The scenic beauty of this place attracts all to take beautiful pictures. It is also known as Scandal Point. 

It offers thrilling valley views and snow-crowned hills for mountain lovers. Here, the Shimla Summer Festival shows once a year. You can go to see the famed Tudor library located on this point. It is pleasurable to watch the sunrise and sunset through the Scandal Point.


Naldehra-Shaily Peak

You can visit the Naldehra hill station located near Shimla. This hill station is full of flora and fauna along with thick deodar trees. You can watch this stunning place by hiring a pony ride.Shaily Peak is for the nature lovers visiting Naldehra.

Johnnie’s Wax Museum: Himachal’s Madame Tussauds

If you want to visit Himachal’s Madame Tussauds, then Johnnie’s Wax Museum is the top place. It is an exciting place to go with your friends and family as it presents actual size wax statues of Indian and International stars. You will find some of the leading character statues like Iron Man and Harry Potter.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) was constructed by the British. It is a summer haven for the President of India. It was conferred to the nation by Dr. Radhakrishnan.

It is an institute that supports advanced studies in arts and humanities in India. IIAS is a traditional engineered building with a flame-retardant structure. You must stopover at this place if you want to take a walk in modern Indian history.

These are some of the most popular tourist spots in the beautiful city of Shimla. So, do not wait anymore! Book your Shimla trip and pack up excess stuff as you may want to extend your stay in this mesmerizing hill station.

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