Main Reasons Why You Should Visit Leh Ladakh


Ladakh is a Union Territory situated in North India. Ladakh is one place in India which remains on almost all travelers’ bucket list and is a dream destination which will remain etched in his mind even years after the trip is over! Ladakh’s majestic and raw beauty is one that captivates every traveler visiting this place while also leaving them longing for more. Ladakh is one of those places that can make an ordinary photographer feel like an expert.

Scenic Beauty

The Ladakh region is located among the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges. It is untouched by the hustle and bustle of people and does not boast of torrid metropolis life. If Kashmir is heaven on Earth, then Ladakh is no less in terms of complete scenic beauty.

White Water Rafting

If you visit Ladakh in the summertime and wish to choose for an exciting activity, then you must indulge in whitewater rafting which is a very popular sport here.


Overlook about sticking to the devices and begin having fun by staying below the starlit sky. Camping in Ladakh is a superb alternative to remaining by the lake aspect and spending a while simply with yourself. Cool breeze, glorious views, and amicable individuals make tenting unforgettable expertise.


The Leh market is a colorful street where you can buy the intricate Tibetan carvings, artifacts, and woolen garments. It is a super place to spend your evening at Leh.

Colorful Festivals

The perfect time to visit Ladakh is during any main festival. There are many auspicious days like Dosmoche, Tak, Phyang, Hemis, Losar, and others. Each festival is connected with different events like colorful dances, unique styled carnival, and drama performance.


No matter which place you select to visit in Ladakh; relaxation is assured. There are many monasteries which aid you to meditate and increase inner peace.


Biking is likely one of the finest methods to benefit from the diversified panorama of Ladakh. Biking fanatics from around the globe go to the place to discover its rugged terrain and clear-blue skies.


Top-of-the-line elements of traveling to Ladakh is making an attempt out the local meals and bringing again recipes to remind you of your journey. The Ladakhi delicacy may be very totally different from the Indian delicacies, it isn’t spicy and it primarily originates from the culinary traditions of Tibet. Barley flour, known as tsampa, is the standard staple meal of Ladakh.

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