Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Spiti Valley in 2021.


Spiti Valley is a long-lost sibling of Ladakh. It is a wonderful arid trail of the majestic Himalayas that will leave you in awe. A trip to Spiti Valley isn’t a vacation; it is an escape into the real ‘unknown’, with a mystique aura of subtle magic. It is an odyssey beyond, and journey within when you venture into Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

There are many awe-inspiring experiences you can have in Spiti Valley. From monasteries to checking out 500-year old mummies, from National Parks to River Rafting, we enumerate the top 10 reasons why you must visit Spiti Valley in 2021.

Spiti Valley Culture

The people of Spiti Valley are a well off agriculture-based community, despite being an arid land. They do not need tourism potential for their livelihood, which exactly is the unique selling proposition of this place in Himachal Pradesh. The authenticity of the culture is unmatchable. Both Ladakh and Spiti Valley  are cold arid landscapes of untouched wonders, but Spiti Valley  proffers you a better chance of truly immersing yourself in its culture.

Minimum Luxury, Maximum Adventure

Spiti Valley  provides a chance to come out of our comfort zone and escape into a faraway journey of concealed lands. Into the ever-changing hue of barren mountains, and over the long spread of arid landscape, nobody wants the same old 5-star hotels around. Spiti Valley is a 13,800 square kilometers of untamed land, with minimum guesthouses and minimum comforts. But you can stay into cosy designated home-stays, and feel the warmth of genuinely good people of the valley in the cold desert. 

Most of these home-stays are in villages at a higher altitude from where you can get a grand view of the entire valley.

Milky Way Panorama     

You can get the enchanting panorama of the Milky Way Galaxy at Pin Valley. The magnificent Universe bestows us with a sneak peek into the world of stars on the clear sky. The pollution-less air of Spiti Valley allows us to take that blessing. You’ll wonder yourself, are you still stuck on tiny blue dot called Earth, or have flown into the swirl of the white flow of the sky river. 

Camp by the lakes

Innumerous lakes are neatly tucked away all around the valley for you to explore. The most enchanting of them all is the Chandrataallake; when you’re here, camp by Chandrataal lake under starry skies in this faraway land.

Flora and Fauna

The Pin Valley National Park is one of the major attractions of the Spiti Valley  Circuit. You will lose all sense of time travelling through this forest. Pin Valley is also the abode of Buchen Llamas, revered by the locals as a power that drives out evil.

High up in the Spiti Valley, is a tiny hamlet of Kibber. The luckiest of all can witness the mysterious snow leopards here. You will also find the beautiful Himalayan Ibex, a goat species with long horns found near Kibber village in Spiti Valley. 

River Rafting

The valley got its name from River Spirit. It is an attraction for adventure lovers to brave out the weather, and raft down the river.


Spiti Valley has stunning KyeGompa Tibetan Buddhist monastery at an altitude of 4,166 metres above sea-level, dating back to 996 AD. This monastery is one of the many you can visit for the awe-inspiring art, architecture, religion, and culture insights.

Yak Safari

Did I mention Yak Safari? How could I forget? Who doesn’t want a Yak Safari?

Highest Place on Earth with civilisation

Spiti Valley has the highest motorable village, Komic – a picturesque beauty filled with culture. The houses here, separated by plush lawns, give you enough room to bask in the winter sun.

Kinnaur Valley

Kinnaur Valley, a destination in your Spiti Circuit expedition, will offer a striking contrast to the rest of the arid landscape. The fertile land of the Kinnaur Valley is adorned by its rich culture. 

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