Top 5 Reasons To Plan A Trip To Holland!


Owing to the mesmerising countryside, interesting cultural attractions, and enchanting cities, Holland has so many reasons to make vacationers excited to plan a Holland trip. Famed for so many things, the motivation for a Holland tour is in abundance, but still, if you are unknown to the beauty of this region, here we present top 8 reasons to plan a trip to Holland. 

The Capital city of Netherlands – Amsterdam – 

A fascinating city of Holland, Amsterdam tour presents an unusual variety to vacationers that this city becomes a charm for all types of individuals. Whether you love to discover historical aspects, or love witnessing the grandeur of royals, Amsterdam will fulfil all your expectations on your trip. Red Light District – the infamous spot is located here as it is the place where cannabis and prostitution are not illegal. Moreover, you will see cannabis being sold in the nearby coffee houses there. 

Experiencing the exquisiteness of Dutch Windmills – 

It may sound stereotype, yet it stands for a reason to recommend Windmills for perfect Holland tour. These are glorious and related to the history of the nation and hence are given a status of monuments today. 

Despite the epochal status worldwide, Dutch Windmills, in reality, served a functional purpose in the history and had been invented to draw off wet marshland across the Netherlands. Though their existence and use are coming for olden time, yet you can see these huge and remarkable windmills speckled around Holland. A number of these windmills are now regarded as the monuments for Holland. 

To savour the best Cheese palate – 

The undying love for cheese is another unstoppable drive to get attracted to Holland. The Alkmaar city which is located near Amsterdam is specifically famous for its extraordinary cheese market. This market kicks off on Fridays right at the daybreak in summer. The process of selling here involves clapping; where purchases are accomplished by porters over attractive carriers. During the midday, this market gets winded up. Though the visit would not over here because you may walk around as there are several old houses and buildings available that dated back to hundreds of years. 

Urban & Rural Cycling – 

Discovering picturesque paths for rural cycling in Holland is superbly easy and the majority of the areas of the country can be explored with a bike. You must be surprised to know that here in Holland, cycling is accepted as the best transport mode to explore national parks of the nation like the Hoge Veluwe, ZuidKennemerland, and the Dunes of Texel. 

Just as rural cycling, urban cycling is also good to try on in Holland. Though it is not a much-preferred mode of transport, yet is a way ahead of the curve. Therefore, cycling is something common to be seen in Holland. If you find cycling an interesting activity, then Holland will certainly not disappoint you!

Get amazed exploring Museums – 

You may probably aware of the historic Dutch art movement which started in 8Amsterdam. So, Yes! Amsterdam is that place where you can still see innumerable exciting museums and art collection. Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum are two highly acclaimed museums dedicated to ancient art and the works of famous Dutch artists. 

Although, we have covered only five best reasons to plan a trip to Holland, yet several other interesting aspects keep tickling holidayers for having a tour to the land of Tulips. Beautiful canals, Eindhoven, Art History are equally contributing reasons to the popularity of Holland. So, this is assured that a tour to Holland will be full of thrill and surprises for a vacationer. 

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