Why Kasauli Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway?


Kasauli is a place filled with tall alpine trees washed with rains, cobbled-spread roads, and fresh mountain breeze adds to the charm and beauty of this place. Whether you are a nature lover, or you love history, Kasauli is a place for you. And then, there is the blend of cultures giving Kasauli its unique identity. 

How to reach Kasauli from New Delhi?

Kasauli is easily assessable from New Delhi. Take Shatabdi to Kalka from New Delhi Railway station. A train journey will take 4-5 hours. Then, Kalka to Kasauli is an easy drive of approximately one and a half hour. Another way is to reach Kasauli from Kalka in British-era toy train. You will have a dream ride passing through several meadows and greenery, right on top of the hill making the journey spectacular.

Where to stay in Kasauli?

Getting accommodation in Kasauli is not very difficult. There are some luxury hotels near Christ Church. For humble stays, look for comfy stays in the hotels in the market itself.

How to plan your weekend in Kasauli?

Kasauli is an ideal place for people looking for quaintness. Soak in British-era architectural brilliance; enjoy bird watching, delicious food, and sight-seeing at the perfect weekend escape to Kasauli.

Day 1 for History and Culture

British-era Christ Church is barely a five-minute walk away from the Kasauli bus stand. It is hard to miss the monumental Church when you enter Kasauli. Constructed in 1853, when Kasauli was still Kusowlie, the stately structure is set amidst chestnut and fir groves. The other wonder of colonial-style hill architecture is Kasauli’s green-gabled houses that have massive grey facade and multicolored glass windows.

Next, visit the Tibetan market on Mall Road. There you can shop for winter caps, knitted socks in bright colors, etc. There are many other shops selling apparels, toys, and souvenirs to take home. The markets here are quiet, unlike Shimla. 

Try mouth-watering Narinder Sweets’ crispy bun samosa. Years ago, the writer Khushwant Singh made the place famous in one of his writings. So, you can expect a queue waiting for taste the cult-status dish. 

Then, there is Cafe Rudra and its phenomenal Irish cream coffee. Try their Italian food as well. For couples, there is Cafe Mantra full of music and trippy lights. 

From where did the beloved Old Monk come? It is from Kasauli Brewery (since 1820). It is Asia’s oldest brewery where the distilling equipment was imported from England and Scotland.

Talking about beverages, if you want to enjoy evening drinks, head to Rooftop restaurant and bar at Kasauli Regency Hotel. The in-house guitarist will play your favorite tracks as you sip on drinks, and enjoy the clouds wavering above the mountain.

Alternate plan – Bird-Watching on Day 1

If you are not keen on shopping, step out for a long walk in the woods after rains on Day1. Kasauli is a paradise for bird watchers, so do not forget to pack your binoculars. You can spot Blue Magpies, Jungle Babblers, Jungle Owlets, Flycatchers and many others. If you’re lucky, you can even spot deer and hyenas.

Day 2 for Nature

Reserve your second day for traversing the splendid nature walks that adds another dimension to Kasauli. 

The highest point in Kasauli is Manki Point. It is four kilometers from the bus stop and has a temple devoted to Lord Hanuman. The tough climb to the point is rewarded with the stunning aerial view of the town of Kalka, Chandigarh, and even River Sutlej coursing through the mountains.

A visit to the Lawrence School is a must; the school is situated on top of the hill.

If time allows, go further to Sunset Point and enjoy the majestic view of setting sun between the mountains. If you want to go away from the other tourists, hike to the Gilbert’s Trail, further from Sunset point. 

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