You Can’t Miss The Most Unique Dussehra Of Kullu Himachal Pradesh


Top Reasons Why You Must Visit Kullu for Dussehra at least Once in Your Lifetime!

The annual Dussehra festival of Kullu Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest and most enthralling fairs of the country. During this seven-day festival, the inhabitants indulge in various fascinating cultural activities such as dancing, singing, and other cultural programs. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil as Lord Rama defeated Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

Why Kullu Dussehra is famous?

The Dussehra celebrations in Kullu are different from the rest of the country. Kullu is known for its scenic beauty, marvelous gorges, picturesque waterfalls, sparkling water stream, and ancient temples. The temples will spellbind you with their energy during the Dussehra festival. The music and color create a peaceful ambiance that will enthrall you into its divinity and spirituality.

History of Kullu Dussehra

Raja Jagat Singh ruled Kullu in the 17th century. According to a local legend, the king wrongly convicted a Brahmin priest. To repent for his actions, the king forsook his throne and put an idol of Lord Raghunath on the empty throne and pledged that only the lord and his successors would rule the Kingdom of Kullu from then on. Later, the king went to Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, and got his statue to place it on his throne. Legend has it that Lord Raghunath invites other gods from heaven to dance and celebrate Dussehra in Kullu every year.

Dance of Deities

Dussehra Processions in Kullu are a testimonial to why the place is called the Valley of the Gods. You can watch around 300 deities from all over the valley, together, in a surreal godly dance as they meet each other and welcome the Rath procession during the Kullu Dussehra. All the deities ‘rise’ to hail the Rath procession of Lord Raghunath (Lord Rama) as it reaches the Dhalpur ground. Devotes carrying deities on palanquins on their shoulders amidst the divinely sounds of dhols and nagaras and chanting. You stand there completely still and watch in bewilderment. You can feel the whole mystical energy taking control of you, and you become a part of the order in chaos.

Grand Rath Yatra

The celebrations are slightly different as on the day of Dussehra, the devotees in Kullu carry out a procession wherein they carry the idols of all the gods on their heads and meet Lord Raghunath (Lord Ram) in the temple. Hundreds of gods are on the temple grounds, including Hadimba (the prime deity of the Kullu kings) and Jamlu Rishi among others.

Culture and People

The most incredible part of the celebrations is the experience of the vibrant Pahari Culture of Kullu – the food, music, language, and people. During the seven-day festival, you can watch performances of Nati, the famous local folk dance, listen to folk songs, eat local delights, and learn a thing or two about life in a mountain.

To mingle with the Pahari people, instead of a hotel you can go to a guesthouse. Humble and comfortable stay, not as many amenities as a 5-star hotel, but will suffice. You will get a chance to mingle with amazing Pahari people and experience their hospitality and culture first hand. 

Hobnob with Royals

Kullu Dussehra can’t start or complete without the presence of the members of the erstwhile royal families of Kullu. They have been an inseparable part of the Dussehra festival rituals from the beginning. So, hobnob with Royals like at no other place in the world. 

A Yatra of Life

The Celebration attracts both domestic and international tourists. They visit Kullu to witness the grand festivities. On the last day, devotees put fire to a pile of woods; the practice is symbolic of destroying and burning the home of Ravana, Lanka. 

So, if you are planning on witnessing Kullu Dussehra and want to be a part of such a lively yatra, plan a trip to Kulu ASAP.

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